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Specialist Work

From our reputation built up in our core activities we have been invited to complete a number of projects with a bespoke nature.

·        Turf Translocation

In 2003 we carried out our first major turf translocation contract. 10,000m2 of natural grassland had to be lifted and moved approx 4 miles from a disused colliery in South Wales to its new home in the low lying valleys. Lifting and laying implements were designed and purposefully made for the job to fit 13 ton 360 degree excavators. These machines along with the tracked dumpers and tractors and trailers were used to move the 2m x 1m x 200mm deep turves over a period of 6 weeks. Over 5000 turfs were translocated along with over 2000 tons of topsoil which was stripped from the new site.


·        Noise Reduction Barriers

Timber fences erected up to 3m high on timber or metal posts aimed at reducing noise from passing traffic or industrial areas.  We have experience in a number of projects of this nature and have the experience and machinery to complete this type of work.

We have also completed noise reduction barriers using a specialist timber frame system, filled with growing media and planted with Willow.

·        Adventure Golf Courses

A fairly recent addition to our portfolio, but over the last few years we have constructed numerous artificial adventure golf courses ( a hybrid of the old crazy golf and traditional putting). Courses have ranged in size from 800 to 1200m2 and include water features, rocks, timber and other natural and man made obstacles. We can offer a full design and construction service in partnership with our locally based, experienced landscape architects.