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Soft Landscaping

The core of our business, we have an experienced workforce who can produce excellent results within a wide range of soft landscaping activities.

·        Soil Enhancement

From cultivation to fertilisation we offer a number of services to improve the quality of areas prior to planting or seeding.

·        Shrub planting

We can provide planting to enhance any landscaping project using a variety of stock from semi mature trees and large specimens, through to general 2/3L stock and bare root whips.  The use of stock from HTA accredited nurseries can be guaranteed if requested.

·        Seeding

Where an instant impact is not required we can seed areas using a number of varieties of seed dependent upon the nature of the area.

·        Turfing

For an instant visual impact turf can be laid on a small or large scale, only purpose grown turf is used, from reputable, national turf growers.

·        Mulching

Used as a weed suppressant and also for visual impact we offer a variety of mulches to complete planting schemes.

·        Top Soiling

We can source externally and spread or spread only topsoil sourced from site on small and large scales.

·        Tree Works

From as little as pruning right up to felling, we have the workforce and the tools to meet your requirements.

·        Tree Planting

We can plant trees to complement any scheme and provide full after care up to establishment.  We have also taken on a number of contracts to relocate trees.  We also install protection where required.

·        Site Clearance

We are experienced in clearing sites of brash, vegetation, small trees and scrub to prepare for further works.  We can remove waste off site or collect on site, clearance can be carried out by hand or large machines.  We regularly clear large areas using tractor and 360 degree excavator (up to 20 tons) mounted forestry mulchers.